"You brought a breath of fresh air into my poetry class last week.  We are still talking about your wonderful poems and your visit."
-- Michael Dennis Browne, poet, University of Minnesota

"Freya, you read magnificently. Your presence is so startling and honest and frank and fresh that it should be bottled. Probably not as a cologne, but as incense, to humble and waft memories to us of when we were once in touch with basic things. The poems themselves, of course, are wonderful."
-- Rick Hauser, TV producer

"Thank you again so much for agreeing to read and workshop at both the Western American Literature Association and the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Women’s Studies program. Members of both camps raved about your passion, your talent, and your commanding performances. I was watching faces as people emerged from your plenary session, and I could tell you had profoundly affected them. Come back soon."
-- Dr. Susan Maher, Professor of English at the University of Omaha, Nebraska

"I’d like to thank you for a wonderful class. It was truly one of the most productive and exhilarating I’ve yet experienced. I only wish the class had gone on a few more weeks."
-- Susanna Styve, Advanced Poetry Writing, The University of Minnesota

"Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the arts panel at the 35th Bunting Institute Reunion. We couldn’t decide which aspect of your work was more impressive, the beauty of your poems or the expressive quality of your presentation. Please come back and read again."
-- Iris M. Fanger, The Bunting Institute, Radcliffe/Harvard

"Freya Manfred’s visit to Augustana College not only helped my Creative Writing students understand the beauty and inspirational power of the literary arts, but her public reading was also met with uniform praise, especially from students who do not normally come into contact with poetry. The two days that Freya spent on campus were full of wisdom, keen observation, and in infectious creative energy that lasted well beyond her departure."
-- Dr. Patrick Hicks, Augustana College

"This was a positive experience in every way. I always looked forward to class, despite the sub-zero temps and icy roads. Freya’s feedback was always perceptive and enlightening."
-- Marcia Dale, 16 week writing class at THE MARSH

"There appeared to be a huge variance in the students’ ability and experience in writing, and our ages ranged from 19 to 82, and yet you put an overabundance of personal energy into every piece of our work. I truly appreciated your teaching, and you."
-- Jane Borochoff, THE MARSH

"Poet Freya Manfred, daughter of novelist Fred Manfred, continued the “have faith in yourself” theme during her workshop at St. John’s U. She is such a natural and gentle teacher, she even drew four lines out of me and I’ve never written poetry in my life."
-- Mary Ann Grossman, columnist, ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS

"To put it simply, this woman has soul. She is insightful, articulate, inspiring. In relating to groups with varied backgrounds and interests, including students ordinarily reserved, quiet and unconcerned, she was able to hold their attention while bringing to the surface thoughts and feelings which they then expressed in amazingly honest and moving ways. Not just a performer, she focuses on students’ own latent writing skills, helping them to overcome old fears and mental roadblocks. Genuine individual expression is her world, whether it be motivating, teaching, or coaxing out hidden skills. People like Freya are rare, and having her here and watching her share her talents was a real gift. She would be a natural assent to any creative writing program."
-- Dr. Tom Matchie, Professor of English, NDSU

"We did so enjoy having you with us on our campus. It was a real delight too the next day to have writing students bringing up ideas which you had sparked in them. You will be amused to know that our advisor to the student committee on cultural affairs has a new headache -- a unanimous committee decision to cancel all the rest of our foreign film series and to replace it with visiting poets! Typical student reaction -- but neat all the same. Be assured, we are looking for your return visit."
-- Sister Eileen Neville, Mount Marty College

"In deep appreciation for the warm, spontaneous workshop, Poetry As Freedom, you conducted. We are still hearing from the students about the lively interaction at your seminar."
-- M. A. McAllister, The Lindenwood Colleges, Santa Monica, CA

"Thank you for the wonderful craft talk and reading. I will be telling student poets for the rest of the year to remember how you performed your poems, and to do likewise -- that is, give the language the same kind of love and respect you gave it."
-- Roger Sheffer, English Professor, Mankato State University

"What a wonderful lift for a sagging winter quarter. Freya’s poems were grand, and her presentation just right. We will have her visit the women writers class this spring."
-- Karen Gleeman, English Professor, Normandale Community College

"As comments filter back, it seems that in a few short weeks you touched a thread in each member of your five classes at The Blake School, an Herculean task! We hope you will return in the near future."
-- Roxy Forbes, English Chair, The Blake School

"Kids are still talking about last week and enthusiasm has carried over. Stop here anytime. You will be remembered by every one of us."
-- Terry Hendrick, Director, Adolescent Treatment, Yankton State Hospital

"We are all more conscious of what poetry really is because of the very human way you read and explained your poetry, and got us to write our own."
-- Ellie Lindstrom, Co-ordinator, Gateway Learning Resources, Huntington, Mass

"You captivated Joe Survant’s poetry class, and it was clear that they wished it could have gone on longer. Your reading the same day was compelling, deeply felt, and just plain beautiful. Many have told me how much they enjoyed it. The way you connected with our students was exactly right. The poems themselves were so moving, so vivid, so excellently delivered...and many praised your reading of the excerpt from your memoir, with its wonderful insights about the life of the novelist, your father, and the formation of you, the writer of the next generation."
-- Nancy Roberts, Professor, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY

"As in previous years, Freya captured the imagination of students with whom she worked for a week. Students have a feeling of warmth and affection for her from the very beginning. This kind of response does not often emerge so quickly and so sincerely, but it is very evident in her classroom. We students and teachers who have been in Freya’s workshops are especially privileged. We will ask for her again next year."
-- Vera A. Sadler, Chairman English Dept. Washington Senior High School

"Freya Manfred was an immediate hit with my classes this week. She related to every student in her own unique way...no student was left out of her evaluations or comments. Every student felt a part of the learning process. She gave positive reinforcement to the students as well as criticism, but she first established the rapport she needed to do this. I cannot extol her presence enough. Bring her back next year!"
-- Joyce Elaine Lauer, English Chairman, Lincoln Senior High School

"(Your talk and reading were) truly wonderful: both inspiring and inspired. It was rewarding that so many people who have never attended this event...took the time to come and left wholly impressed. This is due to your star power, and your delivery of the goods. You not only promoted poetry as an art and illuminated your own skill as a writer and poet, you encouraged a whole group of lawyers to take a second look at creativity and literature. What a gift!
-- Stephanie E. Pochop, President of the South Dakota Bar